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Lehman College Office Hours and Locations - Administrative Office Hours

Virtual Campus Services Office Hours

(Updated April 20, 2020)

Office hours below are for Spring 2020 (January 27, 2020 – May 22, 2020)

Just because the campus is physically closed, we are working hard to support you from a distance. Please use this page to find all advising areas, student services, and administrative offices and how can they be reached. If you do not find what you need on this page, please email us at and someone will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Office Day/Hours Appointment Types Email Voicemail for Call Back Notes
Academic Advising M-F/9-5 Email, Phone, Zoom 718-960-8106 Schedule and appointment at
Academic Standards & Evaluation M-F/9-5 Email, Phone 718-960-8375
ACE Program M-F/9-5 Email, Phone, Zoom 718-960-5640
Admissions: Graduate M-F/9-5 Email, Phone, Zoom 718-960-8777
Admissions: Undergraduate M-F/9-5 Email, Phone, Zoom 718-960-8713
Adult Degree Program M-W 9-7, TH 9-6 & F 9-1 Email, Zoom
Athletics/ APEX M-F/9-5 Zoom 718-960-1117
Bursar M-TH 9-5 718-960-8573 Please visit the Bursar office website.
Campus Life M-F/9-5 Zoom 718-960-8535
Campus Life/ Food Pantry W-Th/12-5 In-person 718-960-8535
Career Exploration & Development Center M-F/9-5 Zoom, Email, & Phone 718-960-8366
Child Care Center M-F/7:30-5:30 Zoom 718-960-8746
College Now M-Th/9-6 & F/9-4 Email, Phone, Text 718-969-8932 Follow up with Students. Meet with Faculty.
Counseling Center M-F/9-5 Zoom 718-960-8761 Limited availability.
CUNY Edge M-F/9-5 Zoom 718-960-8531
Financial Aid Office M-TH 9-5/F 9-3 Email, Phone, Zoom 718-960-8545 Please visit for up to date information about how to reach us and get documents to us.
FYI/English Comp M-F/9-5 Phone, Email OR 718-960-8720
Graduate Studies M-F/9-5 Email, Phone, Zoom 718-960-8972
Instructional Support Services Program M-F/9-5 Email, Phone, BB Collaborate Ultra 718-960-8175
International Programs and Community Engagement M-TH 9-7 Email, Phone, BB Collaborate Ultra 718-960-8345
International Student and Scholar Services M-TH/10-4 Email, Phone 718-960-7274
IT Help Desk M-F/9-5 718-960-1111
Lehman Tutoring Center M-F/9-5 Email, Phone, BB Collaborate Ultra 718-960-8175
Leonard Lief Library M-F/9-5 Email,Chat 24/7 Ask-a-Librarian Chat 718-960-7765
Office of Veterans and Military Affairs M-F/9-5 Zoom 718-960-7188
Office of VP for Student Affairs M-F/9-5 Zoom 718-960-8242
Pre-Nursing Appointments can be made at Email, Zoom   Students who are seeking admission to the Nursing Program should contact Donna Covington-Hargrove, the Pre-Nursing Advisor. Schedule an appointment at and select the Pre-Nursing Center.
Registrar – TAP and Excelsior M-F/9-5 Email, Phone, Zoom/Webex 718-960-8526
Registrar - Graduation M-F/9-5 Email, Phone, Zoom/Webex 718-960-7474
Registrar – Main M-F/9-5 Email, Phone, Zoom/Webex 718-960-8255
Registrar - Records & Transcripts M-F/9-5 Email, Phone, Zoom/Webex 718-960-8810
Registrar - Scheduling M-F/9-5 Email, Phone, Zoom/Webex 718-960-8254
Science Learning Center M-F/9-5 Email, Phone, BB Collaborate Ultra 718-960-7707
SEEK Learning Center M-F/9-5 Email, Phone, Zoom, Google Meet, Google Classroom, Blackboard OR 718-960-7705
SEEK Main Office M-F/9-5 Email, Phone, Zoom 718-960-7979
Strategic Persistence Initiatives M-F/9-5 Email, Phone, Zoom 347-577-4022
STEM Program M-F/9-5 Email, Phone, Zoom  
Student Disability Services M-F/9-5 Zoom 718-960-8441
Student Health Center M-F/9-5 none 718-960-8900
Student Housing Everyday In-person 718-960-5639
Testing & Scholarships M-F/9-5 Email, Phone, Zoom 718-960-7431
The GPS Program (Go. Persist. Succeed.) M-F/9-5 Email, Phone, Text, or Zoom 718-960-7788 Schedule appointments at
Urban Male Leadership M-F/9-5 Zoom 718-960-8802
Wellness Education and Promotion Program M-F/9-5 Zoom 718-960-2415
Academic Department Day/Hours Appointment Types Email Notes Link
Africana Studies M-F/9-5 Email, Phone, Blackboard, Zoom    
Anthropology, ABC, Human Rights & Peace Studies Flexible Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, Email, Virtual Phone
Art T,F/2-4 Email, Virtual Phone and
Follow link for instructions


Email, Zoom Students schedule appointments online via Advisortrac.
Chemistry Flexible Email   Please follow link for contact information for all Chemistry advisors
Computer Science and Mathematics Flexible Zoom, Dropbox, Email, Microsoft Forms, Virtual Phone A google form for advising has been posted to the department page and it has rubrics for ALL advising needs. Students fill the form and adviser communicates within hours via email to each student who fills the form.
Dance Flexible Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Email Follow Link
Dietetics, Foods, and Nutrition M-F/12PM and by email Email, Zoom, Virtual Phone Email, Zoom on Wednesdays at noon
Early Childhood Education Flexible Zoom, Email   Fill out the form on the website to get in touch with an advisor
Earth Environmental and Geospatial Sciences Flexible Email, telephone, Blackboard, Skype, Zoom
Economics and Business Appointment based Zoom, Email, Virtual Phone
English Flexible Skype; Email Tutorial on how to set up advising appointment with English:
Exercise Science M-F/5-5:50 Zoom, Email
Health Education and Promotion M/12-3
Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Dropbox, Email, Virtual Phone  
Health Services Administration M/9-1&4:45-5:45
Bb Collaborate ultra, Zoom, Email, Virtual Phone, QLESS   Queue (when available)
History Flexible Webex, Zoom, Email
You can email with any questions relating to advisement
Journalism and Media Studies Flexible Blackboard and phone, Zoom, Webex, Email
Languages and Literatures Flexible Bb Collaborate Ultra, Zoom, Email
Latin American and Latino Studies M-F/9-5 Email, Zoom, Phone  
Multimedia/Dance Flexible Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Email Follow Link
Multimedia/Theatre Flexible Zoom
Music Flexible Virtual, by appointment via email/phone Follow Link
Nursing M-F/9-5PM Email    
Philosophy and Disability Studies Flexible Email, Zoom, Text, Phone There are multiple ways to connect withthe Philosophy and Disabilities Studies department, please follow the link.
Political Science Flexible Email
Physics and Astronomy Flexible Zoom, Email Students can email any time. I'll respond and can schedule a Zoom meeting or phone call as needed.
Pre-Nursing Appointments can be made at Email, Zoom   Students who are seeking admission to the Nursing Program should contact Donna Covington-Hargrove, the Pre-Nursing Advisor. Schedule an appointment at and select the Pre-Nursing Center.
Psychology Office Hours on Website Webex, Email Please follow link to see full listing of faculty advising hours.
Public Health T/10-1PM Qless, Zoom, Email, Virtual Phone Students are asked to visit my Zoom room on Tuesdays between 10am and 1pm.
Recreation Educaton & Therapeutic Recreation M/4:40-5:40
Zoom, Email  
Social Work M-TH/9-5PM Email
Sociology Flexible Bb Collaborate Ultra, Zoom, Email There are multiple ways to connect with the Sociology department, please follow the link.
Speech, Language Hearing Sciences Flexible Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Forms, Email
Theatre Flexible Zoom
Therapeutic Recreation T/8-9
Zoom, Email They can email me and request a 1:1 meeting with me by an appointment.
Academic Department Day/Hours Appointment Types Email Notes Link
Art (M.A. and M.F.A.) Flexible Email
Art Education (M.A.) Flexible Email
Bilingual Special Education April 28, 2-4, May 5, 2-4, May 12, 2-4, May 13, 2-4, or by appointment Email, Phone, Facetime, or Zoom during advisement hours    
Counselor Education/School Counseling Not Publicized Google Docs, Zoom, and Phone Conferencing    
English Education 7-12 W&TH/3-5 and by appointment Email, Skype, FaceTime, and other online conferencing platforms    
Liberal Studies

7 days a week, Afternoons and Evenings

Phone and Zoom    
M.A./ADV CERT Social Studies Education By appointment Email, Scheduled Zoom Appointments    
M.S. Ed. Health T/11-3 (or by email request) Email, Zoom, Virtual Phone    
M.A. in Speech-Language Pathology SPL-MA T/3-4:30PM and by appointment up to the end of May 2020 Zoom, WebEx, FaceTime, Skype, or other video conferencing tools, or over the phone    
M.A. English T/5-6 Zoom, Google Hangout, phone, email, Skype    
Master's Degree Special Education, Dual Degree Special Education, Advanced Certification in Special Education Birth - grade 2 Tuesday, May 5, 2:30-5:30 & Tuesday, May 13, 2-4 Email or phone, Zoom    
MA History Available Email
MAT Music Flexible Zoom, by appointment via email Follow Link
MA Accounting Available Email    
MS GISc M-F/10-7, evenings and weekends Telephone, Skype, Zoom, Email    
MSED Mathematics (Master of Science in Education - Mathematics) T/3-4:30 and by appointment up to the end of May 2020 Email, Zoom    
MSED TESOL Flexible appointments M-F Zoom, Email, and Phone    
Nutrition T-TH/10-2 Email    
Online MA in Health Education and Promotion Available Email, Phone, Zoom    
Organizational Leadership (campus program) June 3/11-6 June 10/11-6 June 17/11-6 June 24/11-6 Email, video conference    
Science Education Program M/2-4:30 by appointment and W/2-4:30 by appointment Email, Phone, Zoom    
Spanish M.A. M/4-5 or by appointment Zoom    
Special Education April 28/2-4 May 5/2-4 May 11/4-6 May 12/2-4 Email, Zoom    
TESOL MSED/Bilingual Extension/ADV Cert in TESOL By appointment Email